Clinics (Learn to Play)





Clinics (Learn to Play)

Group golf clinics with our qualified PGA Golf Professionals offer a fun and social learning environment. They have a wealth of experience behind them in teaching the game of golf and Meadowbrook Golf Club is proud to offer a number of group golf learning programs for golfers on all levels.

What are the benefits of group coaching?

The reasons for improvement in group coaching situations are actually quite simple:

  • Simple concepts
  • Quality practice
  • Sense of camaraderie

Unlike during a private lesson, group lessons offer relatively simple motor skill development, lots of time actually hitting shots, and the chance to see your peers succeed (and fail) right next to you. Also during group golf classes, students are spending more time working at hitting a target than they are trying to make a certain movement. In addition, the students feel like they’re “in the same boat” as the others in the class.

Please Contact Chris Beckett on 0411 814 786 to book into a clinic.

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