Support our Application 

Hundreds of members and locals are making their voices heard, urging the new Logan City Council C.E.O, the Mayor and all the Councillors of Logan to get involved and ensure that the Meadowbrook Golf Club gets a fair go.

Support our Application

A Queensland business trying to get on with it.

The subtenants of Meadowbrook Golf Club are seeking the Logan City Council
Mayor, CEO and Councillors to support the Club’s plans for a comeback in 2022.

Dear Mayor, CEO and Councillors,

I have read and reviewed Tom Linskey’s recent letter to the CEO of Logan City Council dated the 25th March 2022.

Tom, AGMC, MGC and the Club have my full support.

Please act now to ensure:

1. Logan City Council recommence Mediation and in good faith, uses its best endeavours to have AGMC’s claim settled out of court for the good of the people of Logan; and

2. AGMC’s recent application is dealt with fairly and separately to AGMC’s on-going claim, which hopefully will result in AGMC receiving the Logan City Council’s consent as soon is possible. My vote at the next election will be reserved for the Mayor and Councillors who support this action.


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