A Fair Go

Hundreds of members and locals are making their voices heard, urging the new Logan City Council C.E.O, the Mayor and all the Councillors of Logan to get involved and ensure that the Meadowbrook Golf Club gets a fair go.

Repercussions still ongoing after more than a decade

The golf club and its members, after more than a decade, are still dealing with the repercussions of the Logan City Council’s decision in 2011 to put a sewer line through the golf course.
Request to new CEO to get involved and to make a difference.

Unfair and unjust

The Meadowbrook Country Golf Club members, which is a not for profit organisation, formed by the local community, is up in arms about the way the Logan City Council has treated its Development Application.

Who are we?

Our Action Group is comprised of Golf Club Members, Junior Golf Club Members, Parents of Junior Golf Club Members, Golf Players of Logan, Patrons of the Meadowbrook Golf Club and the citizens of Logan.

We’re asking for a fair go and we are asking the Mayor, the new C.E.O. of Logan City Council and every Logan City Councillor, to get involved and make sure that the Council, in good faith:

(A) Recommences the Mediation process with Meadowbrook Golf Club and
(B) Gives consent to the Meadowbrook Country Golf Club’s Development Application.


Founding Member of Meadowbrook Country Golf Club. PGA Member for over 57 years. Former PGA Board Member. Head Professional Golfer of Meadowbrook Golf Club.

Tom says “The actions of the Logan City Council have been nothing short of criminal”


Tom’s Son.
Current General Manager. Steven in 2017 answered his father’s call for help. Steven returned from London to help his family through the traumatic events caused by the Logan City’s Council’s decision to construct a new sewer line through Meadowbrook Golf Club.

Steven says “When I came back in 2017, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The golf course from where I learnt to play golf when I was 5 was all but destroyed. For over a year I thought my family’s business was going to go bust.”


Meadowbrook Country Golf Club President (2018 – Current).
Rob is now semi-retired and now spends much of his own time on the affairs of the Meadowbrook Country Golf Club.

Rob Says “Most public golf courses receive millions in funding from their local councils. To date Meadowbrook Golf Club has received less than nothing from Logan City Council. Despite the devastation caused by the Logan City Council, I’m now very proud to see what we have achieved at Meadowbrook. I’m hoping that with a new C.E.O. in place, that the Logan City Council can, perhaps for the first time, work with the Meadowbrook Golf Club and help provide a fantastic facility for all of the citizens of Logan.

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