Golf Course Up Date 27/2


Hi members and guests
Unfortunately since my last report mother nature has decided to throw us a challenge by delivering 196ml in 24 hours which put 14 greens under water and then followed by another 40ml three days later to put 8 of those 14 back under again. A huge thankyou to my staff and our volunteers who helped wash the mud off not only once but twice in the space of a few days.
Prior to this weather event we had green renovations booked in for the 12th of march, due to the flood I thought it best to go in early to help the club in minimising loss of revenue and also to open the greens up to give them fresh oxygen, sand and nutrients after being inundated by water the past week. With the added heat and humidity it is a recipe for disease so applying these practices is hugely crucial in eliminating any risks and of course for the overall health of the grass.
I thank everyone for their patience and help in these tricky times, myself and my team are working very hard to get the course back to where it was last week.

Kind Regards

Luke Helm
Head Superintendent